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    Crocodile Farm

    Out in the burbs of Samut Prakarn this place is conveniently close to me. Stuck on my lonesome with the daughter all day we headed here.

    Not sure if I got the Thai price or not. A few hundred BAHT for two of us.

    I got my daughter to ask for tickets in Thai but she asked for one boy ticket and one girl ticket...

    First up we decided to feed the crocs. For 20bht you get a stick and some meat. Lots of fun as they missed it a few times but daughter didn't like it.

    Lots of other animals. We fed sheep and hippos and saw monkeys, birds and bears. They don't look in the best condition.

    A few playgrounds scattered around. All slightly dangerous.

    Some of the cages were a bit dodgy too

    Theres a few shows. The crocodile and elephant show are both pretty lame.

    If you can leave your hippy animal rights morals at the door it's a decent day out. 55bht a can of Leo makes walking around a lot nicer. Daughter fell asleep on the way home which means I can have a beer and watch footy on the Tele.

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