Wife and I took a day off of the "Jppr2 Zoo" and went for a day to Chaeson National park. We packed up some gear and my wife snacks to eat. I brought my drone and off we went. About an 80km drive.

First part of the trek was taking a long ass 1 lane back road up to Kew Fin. I have to say it was a beautiful day which made for an awesome view of the Lampang Mountain region and hilltops.

This was from my Phone Camera

Above 3 from my Mavic Pro drone still 2.7K

After that we trekked back to the main park to the hot springs and in traditional fashion boiled some eggs in the springs.

A flat of eggs boiled 25 minutes in 72-74c water.

We had some lunch and relaxed then headed off the Chaeson Waterfall. There are 7 levels of this waterfall. I did 5 as the last 2 seemed really pointless being the bigger falls are level 1 and 2. The hike was great exercise up the endless flights of stairs

Level 1

Level 2

Between Level 2 and 3 and you slip and its a helluva a waterslide. Fortunately the pools are deep.

The day was fun, drive was very nice, even had the window down on the truck for most of it driving. On the way back we stopped and took in some strawberries

These were fresh picked and smelled and tasted delicious.