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    Chaiyaphum's Saithong National park

    So had a visitor with us this holiday. We decided to drive to the Saithong National Park. Of course the mission of the women was to see the flowers at the mountain top. The weather was very comfortable however was soggy wet everywhere.

    First Leg of the journey stopped at a river crossing.

    There was a truck and Honda CRV in front to the door sills near the other side. His truck was stock. Now I have a 4" lift kit on my Toyota Revo plus larger tires so if he didn't go under, all was a cake walk for me

    This I enjoyed. This guy watched that Vigo go to the door sills and he still went. And to make his problem worse he took the wrong approach angle and sunk his CRV 3 inches or more deeper then the Vigo and started to fill his Honda with water.

    I went next and all was easy. Sadly wife took a video and not any pics.

    Hike was about 4km. View was outstanding with a wind whipping up the face of the mountain. What I laughed about was Thai women. SO many were dressed up, had on nice shoes, brand new Cute colored Nike shoes all to get to the flower fields to take pics for their Fagbook account. The entire walk is muddy and wet. I had on my Danner work boots and walked where I wanted.

    Here is what they all came for. It was a maze of Thai women yelling "Suay Mak". I just sat and watched. Fortunately my wife is not one of the narcissistic types so she took a few photos but was dressed to hike and walk.

    All in all was a fun day. Hike was great.

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    Good one. I have never been there but have been to Tat Mok NP and Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary to the north

    Both are worth a visit Phu Khieo in particular for the abundance of easily seen animals.

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