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    14-09-2014 @ 04:20 PM
    Bangkok, the City of Angels!

    Sunday Enduro fun at Khao Kiao, Chonburi!

    Two Bangkok Weekend Warriors playing in Khao Khiew

    This first bit is copied with permission from the forum and the photos and text belong to Brian_BKK:

    G'day All,

    Fantastic day today with Tony at Khao Khiew.

    First of all we went over the other side of the road and explored round the mountain.. Some fun trails right up to a dead in the middle of the mountain.

    Meeting Oddvar for lunch at the Golf Club so head back and decided to take the easy way in case we get stuck for a couple of hours on the tough stuff.

    As we were making great time.. Tony noticed a trail that looked interesting with a big sign in Thai.. That must have said.. Do not enter.. Danger..
    If not, it should have..

    Once we started this trail. I remember doing this with Ted.. Very tough with rocks and ruts.. Ted cooked his clutch that day.

    Then finishing off with the Rocky Horror Garden trail down the mountain.. Even tougher than usual.
    Not been used for some time with trees and bamboo vines across the trails…

    A few snaps below…

    Great run down.. These protesters can stay.. Traffic is great in Bangkok these days..

    On the other side of the road heading up the other mountain

    Then we head back to the normal trails and towards the golf club.

    Hmmmm Lets check this trail out…

    Pics taken at the easy bits

    We made it to the top….

    Well.. The top of the tough bit where the clutch burnt out a couple of years ago..

    Still further to the very top..

    Back down the mountain the other way and arrive at the Golf club just as Oddvar is also arriving
    Still recovering from injury.. but no doubt in the saddle soon.

    Time to head back by our favourite way.. The entrance to the Rocky Horror rock garden trail down the mountain.

    Clearing the vines with nasty spikes that grab on and nearly pull you off the bike.

    We drag Tony's bike under the fallen tree.

    I go back up and around.. only after getting so tangled in the prickles.. Ouch.. but make it to the other side after a couple of untangling episodes.

    Rest time… bloody hard work and hot.

    If you go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week and think you are fit.. Try this.. You will realise you are not fit at all...

    A short clip of the Rocky Horror trail.


    Already looking forward to the next fun ride around here.. Such a great place.. Close to Bangkok and so many great trails..

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    14-09-2014 @ 04:20 PM
    Bangkok, the City of Angels!
    Good stuff Brian! What a fun day out, and more challenging than I expected!

    A couple "weekend warriors" meeting up in the little village of Ban Nong Nam Kiao-

    Brian introduced me to the mountain that's to the SE of Khao Kiao where we explored a trail I call the "Elephant Shrine Trail"-

    From the right angle that big rock certainly does resemble a pachyderm, doesn't it?

    As you can see from Brian's pic, the "Elephant Shrine Trail" eventually peters out, but I'm guessing that once upon a time this trail continued up the valley and through the wilderness, but it's been pretty much reclaimed by the jungle now:

    Met up with Oddvar for lunch at the Khao Kiao Country Club- nice easy going fellow and I'm looking forward to getting out for a ride with him when he's healed up from a recent accident.

    After lunch we hit the Rock Garden Trail, aka the "Rocky Horror" trail, which was a lot tougher going as it seems no ones been through there in quite some time...

    A strange kind of bamboo that's covered in sharp thorns- really nasty stuff and we both lost some blood here!

    A serious workout!!!

    Rock Garden Trail, aka, Rob's "Rocky Horror" trail

    Khao Kiao is only about 100km south of central Bangkok. Usually we see a few other dirt bikers on the weekends but yesterday, perhaps on account of the nearby Bang Saen Bike Week, we had the trails entirely to ourselves. Awesome to have this challenging enduro playground so close to home!

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