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    Mesmerizing Bats at Ratchaburi Cave

    About 18 years ago, I took a trip with some teachers to a small place in Ratchaburi province which was a temple next to a mountain with a bat cave above it. It was just truly amazing when at a certain time the bats poured out of the cave opening and flew out over the temple. There were what seemed like millions forming a giant string out into the sky. I thought the string would stop but it stretched on and on and on. I remember it going for 45 minutes so in my mind that was how long it was but maybe that was just when we left the site.

    I just found this clip of the daily event which happens around or after five pm each day. It's just amazing. Click the youtube link and you can open it in a new window for a clear full screen viewing. When Thailand had its Amazing Thailand and Unseen Thailand campaigns in years past, this is the first location that came to my mind.

    The temple is called Wat Kangkaw Thai. Maybe someone here has more information on this and its exact location.

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    Haven't been there but, have been to Phu Pha Man. Not far from the house, maybe 45 minutes tops. Same thing happens, about 6, the bats start flying and it takes 45 minutes or so to empty the cave. Climbed up to the entrance once. It was quite aromatic to say the least.

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    Bat manure makes good organic fertilizer

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    i have seen the same at chicken island near krabi, you can charter a boat out to a small island just off chicken island, and at dusk th bats start to fly out, and the sky goes black.

    we watched for over an hour and the stream never let up as they flew overhead, i could not even begin to speculate how many bats passed overhead

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