While not a destination in it's own right, the Chansen Museum makes for an interesting side trip if you are traveling in lower Nakhon Sawan and are looking for something abit more intellectually stimulating than the next giant buddha statue.

Located at Wat Chansen, 20 min south of Takhli off the AH 11 in the Lopburi-Pasak basin, Chansen Museum is the work of a now dead abbot who has left his community a legacy much more useful than the usual dead monk-in-a-box show or magic amulet factory.
The collection is housed in an attractive circular chedi inspired building on temple grounds.

The museum

Me being arty

Homage to the Abbot.

The museum houses a collection of archaeological finds and cultural displays from the community which digs have established to have been occupied off and on for the last 3500 years.

The displays begin with the geographical formation of the basin, moving through the Bronze, Iron and recent modern ages.

Finds from the digs.

Prehistoric Ice Hockey?

Tour Guides are on hand to explain stuff.

The end comes to us all.

Thai cavewomen - not lookers.

Getting there.
If heading North on the Asia Highway take the Tak Fa turnoff to AH 11, 10 minutes past the Singburi Tesco. 20kms on the is a left turn to Chansen. Look for the signs.
Heading South, take the Takhli turnoff and turn right in Takhli. It's well signed. There is also a train station in Chansen, on the NS line.
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Chansen Museum (Chan Sen Ancient City and Chan Sen Museum)