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Additional information on Kaeng Krachan is appreciated. However, banteng, the rare wild cattle, has not been reported, seen or camera-trapped for more than five years. The last camera-trap photos of a banteng bull were captured around 'Bong Phrom' (mineral lick) about 12 kilometers from the main gate in 2002-2003. I also have a photo of a banteng cow in 2004. These beautiful creatures prefer open deciduous forest in the lowlands and have probably been wiped out by poachers some time ago; a sad fact.

On the other hand, gaur the wild forest ox, prefer evergreen forest and are thriving quite well in the interior. My second post on Kaeng Krachan will highlight some of the endangered species still found here and is in tne works. Coming soon.
Still quite a few banteng in eastern Cambodia. . .right? Wouldn't be much point in attempting to re-establish them in places like KK so long as the trade in bush meat continues, I suppose.

Banteng are found in Eastern Thailand at Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary (Thailand's second best protected area for the wild cattle). I'm not sure about Cambodia but can check with my close friend Allan Michaud at wildcambodia.net. He has the most knowledge on Cambodia's wildlife. The situation there is OK on some species but as here, is in dire straits with poaching and encroachment rampant. This is a global problem and some areas are coping while others being destroyed at an alarming rate like the tigers in India disappearing under the researchers and park staff noses. Sad but true facts.