Wedding Ceremony
The Trang Chamber of Commerce – in association with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thai Airways International as well as other participating local authorities and private sector organisations – have cooperatively launched the10th Anniversary of “Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony 2007 event to promote tourism opportunities in the province.

The event will be held at Pak Meng Beach – one of the best known sand beaches with the peaceful atmosphere and the aligned Koh Meng as its background.

The project is aimed to further promote the truly spectacular natural seaside and marine resources - with the warm atmosphere of love giving to each other under the concept of “Romantic Destination”, as well as the beauty of a symbolic flower of the province named “Sri-Trang”, whose pale violet blossoms in season are pleasantly ubiquitous everywhere.

Trang is the province endowed with charming tourism treasures combining several chests of jewels given by the nature – numerous tropical rain forest valleys, distinctive and endorsing-imagination limestone stalactites and stalagmites, and spectacular waterfalls with purely natural water rushed from limestone caves.

Being located along the coast of the Andaman Sea, Trang is an origin of an amazingly well-endowed coral reef, where is the habitat of aquatic plants and marine creatures.

During the Trang Underwater Wedding event, when no disturbing monsoon emerges, the province’s splendidly scenic resources simultaneously show their natural beauty, especially the sweet blossoms of “Sri-Trang” flowers, to warmly welcome tourists worldwide.

Our History

Back to the early 1996, Trang had been introduced and became well-known to the world as the land with full of love – under charming blue sky and emerald-green sea – originated by unforgettable love of a couple who fell in love with under-the-water natural beauty during their participation in the 1st eco-tourism event “Returning the Natural Beauty to Coral Reef” which eventually became one of the world’s famous events among lovers “Underwater Wedding”.

The 1st “Trang Underwater Wedding” is derived from the willingness of Khun Yongyudh Vichaidit (Governor of Trang at that time) and Khun Surin Tohtubtiang (President of The Trang Chamber of Commerce at that time) to fulfil the dream of lovers by arranging the traditional Thai wedding ceremony, together with a wedding certificate formally signed under the water.

With the annually continuation of the ceremony, the event has gained worldwide popularity and attracted so much international interest as the first place in the world where the wedding was held that the Guinness World Records has awarded this event “The Largest Underwater Wedding Ceremony” in 2000.

The event has not only equipped with the largest number of wedding couples in the world, but it also praised of anti-discrimination by facilitating handicapped couples in joining this memorable ceremony.

At present, the Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony is widely recognised as one of the most fascinating events of Trang, impressed by numerous lovers giving their love to each other among the romantic atmosphere to memorise for the rest of their lives.

In addition to the marriage registration under the water, the “Trang Underwater Wedding” ceremony promotes an exotic traditional Thai wedding culture to foreign wedding couples, divers, and tourists from all over the world.

The ceremony consists of Buddhism ritual and the traditional Thai wedding ceremony of pouring lustre water, and the escort the brides and grooms to their honeymoon suites by old happily-married couple in accordance with the long belief to bring peace and long-lasting relationship as well as the eternity of love to the bridal couples.

The bridal couples further experience and impress the symbolic hand-woven Thai wedding costume. “I was born and grown up in Trang, have been settled down with my wife for long, but didn’t have a chance to have our own wedding.

Two of us were interested by the famous Underwater Wedding Ceremony; therefore, we both practised how to dive safely and finally joined the ceremony with a great impression.

Importantly, we are glad that the Trang Chamber of Commerce opens the opportunity for the handicaps to join the activities.

This is an implication of social indiscrimination and we also partly promoted the tourism of Trang” said Khun Suksa Luxanaprim, Secretary of the Athletic Association of the Blind. At the same time, “Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony” event is claimed as “Romantic Destination”, for lovers to visit and get married, pre- and post-married honeymoon, or just to fulfil the affection to their love ones.

Thus the event is arranged not only for soon-to-be brides and grooms or newly-wed couples, every Thai and foreign loving couples, divers, and travellers are also welcomed to join the event as a honeymoon or as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience during the Trang Season of Love, which surrounds by the unspoiled beauty of blessing natural resources of the Andaman.

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