High hopes for stimulating tourism but budget is cut by 50%

Narisa Nitikarn
Pattaya Carnival 2007 will be held early in May, and although its budget has been cut by 50 percent the carnival is intended to stimulate tourism during the low season.
Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay held a meeting at Pattaya City Hall on November 30 along with councilor Pisai Panomwan na Ayutthaya and representatives of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, hotel operators, and local business people.
Verawat said that the carnival must evolve its own unique identity that can be associated with Pattaya, and that the intention is to hold the event every year.
The meeting discussed the schedule, and agreed the carnival should take place over the period Friday to Sunday during the first week of May. This is during the low season, and the intention is to encourage tourists to travel to Pattaya.
The focus of the carnival will be discussed at a subsequent meeting, the main objective being that it will be a better event than the previous one.
A budget of 5 million baht has been allocated, 50 percent less than the budget for the carnival this year, which was 10 million baht.

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