Trang Tourism Festival
Booths for the public relations and sales promotions of tourist business operators in Trang, demonstrations and sales of OTOP products, sales of tasty local food, exhibitions of Trang’s tourism, sports and recreations competitions, Thai arts and cultural performances, and organising of local games and activities.

Good Food and Blooming Sri Trang Flower Fair
End of March - April
Enjoy the light and sound presentation on the opening day “Legend of the Good Food and Blooming Sri Trang Flowers”. Enjoy tasting various delicious and well known food of Trang that has been selected from various restaurants in the province and the CFGT standard stall of all districts with over 100 shops in all. Moreover, there is the Ro Rex Magic Show and acrobatics of the Jimmy Group from Singapore, Blooming Fancy Sri Trang Contest, trying one’s luck in a one Baht all you can eat competition, enjoy the performances of the local culture and combo bands of school students.

Trang Cake Festival
The cakes made in Trang have a special characteristic in that the texture is similar to kanom khai and has many different flavours. This event has sales of cakes at special prices, a fancy parade, and sales of OTOP products.

Mooncake Festival
Contest of the decoration of the Moon worshipping altars, Miss Moon Beauty Contest, and Moon worshipping tradition procession.

Barbecued Pork Festival
Various activities including sales of barbecued pork at special below market
prices, fancy parade, food preparation contest that uses barbecued pork, various forms of entertainment, competition of dancers and Thai folk music, and sales of OTOP products.

Trang Vegetarian Festival
This vegetarian festival is a ritual to propitiate Lord Siva and another 9 gods as well as all holy Buddhist souls. Mediums would manifest themselves by walking on fire or piercing their bodies for the salvation of humans. Vegetarian food is eaten to cleanse the body and mind. Other activities include letting off fireworks, dragon dances, and sales of vegetarian food at low prices.

Trang Open Sky Festival
Venue: Princess Srinakarin 95 public park (Kao PeaChoi), Trang

Activities: Business tourism Exhibition, foods distribution, foods selling and OTOP products distribution, art and cultural performances and musics, local sport competition etc.

For more information:
Trang Tourism Association Tel. 0 7521 5580
Tourism Thailand, Trang office Tel. 0 7521 5867, 0 7521 1058