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    Chiang Mai : International Fireworks Display & Contest 2010

    Danish Fireworks Designer in New Year Contest in Thailand
    Gregers Moller
    30 December 2010

    Patrick Hjgaard Thomsen is at 19 years of age the worlds youngest fireworks designer and about to become a professional fireworks producer. He will represent Denmark in International Fireworks Display & Contest in Chiang Mai.

    Patrick Thomsen works as a trainee at Glorious fireworks and helped setting up some of the fireworks in the Muang Thong Thani show in Bangkok on 13 December this year.

    The 19 year old Patrick Hjgaard Thomsen is the youngest professional fireworks designer in the World. On New Years Eve on 31 December 2010 he will represents Denmark at the International Fireworks Display & Contest in Chiang Mai. Other presentations in the Fireworks Contest that night are by China, Australia, the United States and host country Thailand.

    The opening show in the contest was held at Muang Thong Thai Lake on 13 December with presentations by Japan, Thailand, and Germany. This was followed by a second presentation on 14 December by the Pattaya Klang beachfront with presentations by the United Arab Emirates and Italy. The show on New Years Eve at the 700 Year Stadium in Chiang Mai will be the grand finale.

    Patrick Thomsen's fireworks show is scheduled to start at 22.10 and will be broadcast live on Truevision. After his presentation, the "Glorious Countforward" show will begin and continue until midnight where His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's New Year speech will be broadcast.

    "This is my first own designed show," Patrick Thomsen says. But despite his young age he has indeed years of experience with setting up fireworks shows.

    "My father works as a purchaser of fireworks products for the large chain store Harald Nyborg in Denmark, so he is very knowledgeable in the field. We have been setting up fireworks shows for our own private New Year parties at home for years," he explains.

    Now, Patrick Thomsen is going professional himself. Since March this year he has worked as a trainee with the company Glorious in Hong Kong specialized in major fireworks shows and event arrangements. His aim is to become a professional pyrotechnical show designer and producer.

    Patrick explains that he has been assisted in setting up his 20 minute long fireworks in the finals in Chiang Mai by five pyrotechnicians from a German partner of his company Glorious in Hong Kong. Prior to that, he has since his start at Glorious in Hong Kong been involved in setting up six other shows.

    The show on New Year's Eve will take place at the 700 Year Stadium in Chiang Mai (about 25 min. from Sukantara Cascade Reosrt) and will mark the most auspicious occasions of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej 83rd birthday and Her Majesty Queen Sirikits 79th birthday as the Thai nation welcomes a new year and new beginnings.

    Other highlights of the evening include an exhibition and candle-light ceremony in honour of Their Majesties, a performance presented by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, a presentation by Chiang Mai province, the We Are One concert, and sales of crafts and village community products promoted under the OTOP One Tambon One Product label.

    If you like fireworks, look at these images too: ครั้งแรกกะพลุ [at] พัทยา

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    cheers mid, interesting stuff

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    Some Thai 'star' got killed by a firework last night. My g/f was talking about it earlier.

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