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    Loy Krathong, Wat Suan Prik Thai, Korat

    Well, I was home alone last night. Ms. B worked and Ms. B junior was out with her grandparents. So, I had to do Loy Krathong solo.

    I had ordered a nice Krathong from our usual Wan Phra flower lady which she dutifully delivered Sunday morning. But, by Sunday afternoon someone in the family decided they liked it, so, as is the case with many things, it simply went missing.

    So, I peddled my bike down to Tanon Mukkamontree and bought another for 20 baht from these nice folks:

    After my purchase I peddled down to Wat Suan Prik Thai which seemed to be the only wat in the area having a Loy Krathong temple fair.

    While waiting for dusk I bought some Pad Mee Korat, a local variation on Pad Thai. This box was 10 baht:

    The pond at this wat has a nice little pier which makes it easy to float your Krathong:

    That's my Krathong on the left:

    I kind of like this photo. The combination of smoke and lens artifacts lends sort of a surreal quality to the scene.

    On the way home I stopped and bought two Kom Loy, the hot air balloons that people like to set aloft on Loy Krathong. I bought from the same stand as last year, but the quality was not so good. My Kom Loy went up a couple of hundred meters and then turned head over heels and did a fiery suicide dive bomb attack on the moo baan next to ours. I'm hoping it caused no fires, but I'm wondering if this failure bodes ill for the future. I didn't attempt to launch the second.

    Sorry, no pics.

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    good work thanks.

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