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    Pattaya Dive Festival preparation meeting

    Pattaya Dive Festival preparation meeting

    The Tourism Authority of Thailand in association with the Bangkok Diving Business Alliance will be jointly sponsoring a two-day dive festival in Pattaya in November.

    A meeting was held on Tuesday evening in one of those trendy rooms designed to emanate the calmative atmosphere of a psychiatric ward in the DusitD2 Baraquda hotel on Second Road to unveil what is being termed the Pattaya Dive Festival 2010.

    The festival will take place over two days, the 13th and 14th of November and the talking heads at the meeting said they aimed to promote a greater awareness of the coral reefs and marine life in and around Pattaya Bay.

    Deputy Mayor Khun Ronagit was among those who sat enthralled with the presentation.

    The organizers also hope to find materials to create another artificial reef so that one day people will come to see Pattaya as a hub of marine life in Southeast Asia.

    Pattaya One News

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