Hat Yai - Lantern Festival - Ice Festival

From last year.

1 Nov 2009 - 28 Nov 2010

"Lantern Festival" is going to be organized again at Hatyai City Municipality Park, Hatyai, Songkhla during 1 November 2009 until 28 February 2010. Colorful lanterns will illuminate the park with 9-brand-new wonderful lanterns.

Ice Lantern from Harbin of People's Republic of China

Hatyai City Municipality Office with support from Ministry of Culture, People's Republic of China, Embassy of People's Republic of China in Thailand and Tourism Authority of Thailand organize Ice lanterns which will be set in a -30 degree Celsius Ice Dome and established on display on 5 December 2009 onwards until 28 February 2010 during 11:00-22:00 Hrs in celebration to 35th Anniversary of Sino-Thai Diplomatic Relationship.

Amazing Colorful Lanterns of 14 Southern Provinces

Lanterns of 14 Southern Provinces will be provided in colorful lanterns featuring goodies of southern provinces: Chumporn, Ranong, Suratthani, Phang Nga, Phuket, Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, Trang, Satun, Songkhla, Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat, emphasizing on the forms of well-known fruits, animals, and culture.

Lantern of the 4 Regions of Thailand

View the lanterns in the theme of "Auspicious Life and Community" from all 4 regions of Thailand.

The North: "Mom"

Mom or Singha Mom was an animal in Himmapan forest (legendary forest), looked like a cat, tiger, and lion. It was a vehicle of the God of Rain.

The Central: Erawan -3 headed elephant

In Buddhism legend, Erawan was believed to be an angel who usually transformed himself into a giant white-elephant with 3 heads each of which had 7 tasks which was 16 millions meters long for each one. Erawan, the 3-headed elephant was the strongest and powerful elephant and was the symbol of prosperity and peace of the nation.

The Northeast: Naga

Naga was a huge crested serpent, a symbol of mightiness and productivity. Naga was also the symbol of rainbow stairs to the universe. Naga was the God of Water.

The South: Kinnari

Kinnari, including Kinnara, was a Himmapan forest's flyable animal, half-human and half-bird. It was the symbol of luck.

Fantasy Small World

The Fantasy Small World is the lanterns featuring children's imagination where fantasy and imaginative creations will be tangible.

International Lantern

Each country has its own national flower which absolutely represents good meaning. National flower of various countries in the form of lanterns will be very spectacular, Sakura from Japan, Lotus from Vietnam and India, Plum flower from China, Jasmine from Philippines, Hibicus from Malaysia, Rose of Sharon from Korea, and Ratchapruek from Thailand.

Animal Planet

Lanterns of Animal Planet will display 3 groups of animals categories by zone. Zone of Africa comprises of lion, hippopotamus, zebra, and African elephant. Zone of Amazon comprises of crocodile and gorilla. Zone of North Pole comprises of Polar Bear, penguin, seal, and whale.

Into the Mythology, Floating Lanterns

Featuring creatures of auspiciousness from global mythologies.

Dragon and Pi Xiu: Chinese sacred creatures.

Dragon is regarded as a god in Chinese belief, it is a symbol of auspiciousness and the sign of the emperor. Pi Xiu is a deer living in heaven. It only has mouth to take without any hole to pass out anything which is believed that it's good for commerce, only take no spend.

Phoenix: Korean and Ancient Egypt sacred creautures.

Phoenix is a firebird which has power of healing, resurrection, and encourage stimulus. Phoenix is a symbol of eternity.

Unicorn: a European legendary creature.

It is believed to be found in the northern forest of Europe. It looks like a graceful white horse with significant long horn at the middle of forehead. Unicorn is a symbol of purity, whiteness, strength, and gentry.

Tiger: an Asian auspicious power

Tiger is a symbol of power and reverence since the ancient times especially in Asian culture, tiger is one of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs. The coming 2010 is the year of tiger.

Highlight Lanterns

Highlight lanterns will display on significant events and festivals of Thailand such as Loi Krathong, National Father's Day, New Year Festival, Children's Day, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year Day, Tourist Season festival, etc.

Lantern Contest

Other lanterns participated by academy, tourist business operator, department stores, etc. will be on display for a contest.

Moreover, food fair and variety of performances and entertainment will be available, especially the splendid shows and performances from 10 provinces of China on 17 February 2010.

For more information visit www.hatyailantern.com or call TAT Hotline 1672.

Last years Ice Dome.

Harbin Ice Carving.