Sattahip Navy Organises Traditional Songkran Ceremony

Sattahip Navy Commanders welcomed officers and their families along with various members of the general population to a traditional Songkran ceremony at the Sattahip Temple on Tuesday.

Sattahip, the 13th of April 2010 [PDN]: Led by Vice Admiral Theerawat Srithaporn (Sattahip Navy Base Commander), Rear Admiral Upper Half Rerngrit Boonsongprasert (Sattahip Navy Base Deputy Commander), Rear Admiral Upper Half Saknarin Jarernsuk (Sattahip Navy Base Deputy Commander), Rear Admiral Upper Half Supphaphong Sirisonthi (Sattahip Navy Base Chief of Staff) the gathered officers, families and members of the public to the Sattahip temple for a traditional Thai Buddhist Songkran ceremony.

The congregation of Buddhist worshippers joined together in offering food to the monks before listening to the Buddhist teachings of the head monk. This Thai New Year the head monk declared was about increasing the populationís awareness and loyalty towards their national culture, religion and king. Promoting harmony and peace throughout the nation with an added impetus on not taking sides in the ongoing political struggles, but to focus their collective will on positive acts that will in turn bring positive things.

Vice Admiral Srithaporn stated to the gathered audience that the Sattahip Navy base was delighted to be able to bring local residents together for the New Year celebrations. Further announcing that the Navy will take heed of the head monkís advice in promoting a policy of loyalty to the nation, religion and king in the coming year. The Sattahip navy Base Commander also pointed out the continued struggle that has been going on within the Navy to deter officers and administrators from taking sides in the current political instability which is afflicting the nation, urging the general population not to take sides in the battle for democracy which is so damaging to the countries economy.

Sattahip Navy Base Commander added that in present, the breakage has been happened from different thought, expanding into the villages, operators, offices, and families. There had been referring the colours in order to require the democracy. For the Sattahip Navy Base, it was trying everyway to avoid the breakage inside the institute and among the people. All activities will be joined with local residentís participation to understand and to be harmony, not to be disorganized much more than appearing now.

Pattaya Daily News