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    Boat races + Candles in Sakon Nakhon & Nan

    There seems to be several 'boat race ceremonies' coming up in the 11th Lunar month .. on the Chayo Praya & MeKong + lakes.

    Sakon Nakhon & Nan both have races associated the floating candles. Perhaps the boats try to 'splash out' the candles with their rooster tail. ?

    Me thinks the 11th lunar month is early this year.. mid september.

    Any body been .. or can suggest where long boat racing might be viewed. ??
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    A few weeks ago I saw a longboat in a garage forecourt between Nakhon Pranom Airport and the town (on the Mekong) , that was being repainted and smartened up- maybe they do it there - Just a thought .

    Saw the racing in Pnom Pen a couple of years ago - spectacular ( and so was the amount of money the bookies were taking )

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