Munchies, ornaments and much more at Phuket Four Regions Festival

Hand-made ornamental flowers on sale at the Four Regions Festival in Phuket.

This stall with a range of chili pastes on sale is just one of the 155 stalls at the temporary market.

PHUKET: An inexpensive array of eye-catching handmade ornamental products from around the region and a wide range of locally-made “blue-flag” edible products are currently on sale at Saphan Hin in Southern Phuket until July 2.

The rows of colorful stalls were set up over the weekend for the first ‘Good Food, 4 Regions & Blue Flag Festival’, which has been organized by the Phuket provincial and Phuket Commercial Affairs Office (PCAO) to promote local and regional products.

One side of the temporary market is dedicated to stalls selling traditional handicrafts, such as handmade flowers, artistic earthenware pots, model ships and other ornamental items. On the opposite side, visitors can sample from a plethora of snacks and food products, such as chili pastes, dried fruits and noodles.

All the food products are on display under the ‘blue-flag’ insignia, meaning they are certified by the authorities as clean, safe and for sale at local prices.

There are 155 individual stalls in total, each of them selling products from a particular region. According to PCAO representative Yuawabha Pongkheha, the food products are selling very well.

“There is no charge to enter the festival area. It has been organized to help stimulate the economy and is being supported by the Government Savings Bank,” Ms Yuawabha added.

Phuket Gazette