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    Phuket Prison Products Fair underway

    Prison Products Fair underway in Phuket

    Last year's Prison Products Fair featured Hawaiian dancers, draft beer and an enormous variety of food./File Photo.

    SAPHAN HIN, PHUKET: There are only four days remaining in the 6th annual Prisoners Product Fair taking place at the central stage area at Saphan Hin.

    A wide variety of sturdy, handmade products including tables, wardrobes, beds and baskets are on display.

    Items made by Thai prisoners from the 14 provincial prisons in the southern region, as part of their vocational-skills training, are on sale at very reasonable prices.

    There are 60 food shops and draft beer available at the fair, which runs from 9am to 10pm daily.

    Thus far rainy weather has kept the crowds away, but the organizers are hoping for better weather and bigger crowds on the weekend.

    For more information please contact Phuket Provincial Prison at Tel: 076-214689.

    Phuket Gazette

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    Buying Products made in Thailand Prisons

    We have the cold season fair up here every year and there are several different prisons from north Thailand and even Isaan and the central region showing their wares. Some pretty good deals, a lot of the products are well done hand made wood products usually made from confiscated teak. We've seen them at many other festivals or shows around Thailand.

    I live quite close to the Chiang Mai Provincial Prison where they produce some well made furniture. Half the time the guys that run that business are out to a different show or at least the furniture is. leaving behind a n office full of bored prison workers and a shelf of three-ring binders full of photos, no prices. We went into the prison a few months back and this was the case. We were brought into the prison walked among the prisoners (trustees, most likely) without supervision in the hallways until we came to the office where they kept the "catalogs."

    The officers were friendly and courteous we were brought tea and coffee and presented with a stack of binders to browse. We were then left alone, after a half hour or so of looking at plain photos without description or price I began to get, a tad claustrophobic. I'm not a real big fan of prisons, You know they all smell pretty much the same? Some the smells are stronger, some lack that pine scent of California prisons but the basic sweat, piss and bland food smell seems to predominate.

    Thankfully, after a while a few of the guys came back,I was ready to exit no need for chit chat just GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE! but the fellows seemed eager to dscuss their wares. Why, I have no idea. None of the officers had a clue what was or was not available not one of them could give me a price, there was absolutely no reason for me to bethere. None. I wanted out, I was offered more coffee, no. Some water perhaps? NO. Finally I decide to thank them and head back where I came in. I was not stopped, was not told to wait for an escort. I was at the end of the second floor the teir was just down the hall, when I drive by I can see the cells through the windows, but this was an office area. I walked back to the central stairwell and down never saw another guard or civilian. I might buy something at a show or a festival but if my ol' lady ever suggests going back to th e prison to look thorugh their stuff I'm gonna leave her.

    I hate prisons.
    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty -- T. Jefferson

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