“Amazing Love” Chinese Wedding Ceremony preparations.

On Saturday Morning a delegation from the World Eminence Chinese Business Association arrived at Nong Nooch Gardens in Jomtien to inspect the attraction to see if it can host an event called “Amazing Love” which will see 10,000 Chinese Couples married at the same time. The ceremony will be a traditional Thai wedding and will take place simultaneously here in Pattaya and in Phuket and Chang Mai. The couples will also have their honeymoons here in Thailand. The event is sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and has been organized by the Chinese Business Association. The event is expected to take place later this year.

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Some videos of Nong Nooch Gardens

Nong Nooch Garden - Pattaya

Elephants Riding Tricycles; Nong Nooch Elephant Show

Elephant Dart Throwing; Nong Nooch Elephant Show

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden