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Thread: Phuket Songkran

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    Phuket Songkran

    When April comes, Thai people often think about the hot and humid month.

    But we also think about the fun part that comes with it. We celebrate the traditional Thai New Year or Songkran Day where families are gathered together on this occasion and visit temples.

    Also this is the time for people to get out in their colorful t-shirts, shorts or even dress up in their bathing suits and start splashing water at peoples on the street.

    It is believed that splashing water or what some call a Water Fight is a way of celebrating the new year and washing away sins as well as sweat, & tiredness and to begin new lives.

    What happened on Soi Bangla lane every year and this year too during Songkran Day, was quite a stir. Phuket residents, tourists and visitors all anticipated the Songkran Festival so they set up water stations in front of their shops or bars and formed up teams to conquer other teams by splashing water using their hands, hoses, cans and water guns. Kids were running around with joy, and cheerful laughs and giggles were everywhere on Soi Bangla.

    Visitors from other provinces and many countries also flew in especially around this time and joined in the Songkran festival.

    New tourists were especially amazed and excited by this water fight commotion and some took a break from their water fight and chatted with Andaman News about their enjoyment.

    A group of visitors from Malaysia also gave a shout out to us and talked about how they loved it here in Phuket.

    Last, this group of American tourists stopped to chat with us, all armed with their water guns.

    By celebrating Songkran Festival in Phuket, especially at Soi Bangla, proved that Phuket is still one of the best places for festive festivals and Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket office are doing their best to help monitor and protect people if anything goes wrong.

    Tourists feel excited by the water events and some visitors vowed to come back and recommend Phuket to their friends and families.

    Looks like everybody enjoying the water fight?! This is Zenniesha, reporting from Bangla.

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    I'm very happy Songkran is over in Chiang Mai. As a resident, this one week water agression is just a pain in the a[at][at].

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