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    By the flippos and roaming

    Khao San Road closed monday afternoon !

    Went to Khao San Road yesterday monday, was with a few visitors wanting to visit and enjoy Songhkran there...

    It was 2h30 PM, police and security asked if we stay in a hotel on the street.

    We were then asked to go home as they not allowed access to anyone there anymore,many people were askedto get out of the street...

    I was not so much for a visit at that place on this special times, but i think it is probably the first time ever they close Khao San during Songkhran ?

    Fear of some bomb attack ?

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    Rama V
    ^Ironically, I was at the Mall Bang Khae (not far from where the OP lives) and it was full of people and there was no indication of a state of emergency or the violence happening across the river. In the central area, there was an abundance of Isaan and North Eastern foods with Thai dancing exhibitions on the main stage. During the dancing I was receiving breaking news alerts on my phone, which seemed to be concerned with a different country not violence 15km away.

    Closing the Khao San road is a sure way of getting the foreign media involved, and getting the foreigners to be pissed off with the red-shirts.

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