Nong Nooch Village, one of the most popular Pattaya tourist attractions put on an elephant extravaganza, on 12 April, 2009, to celebrate the Water Festival Ceremony for this year’s Thai New Year. The locals and the tourists thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful Thai cultural event and especially receiving water from the elephants.

The popular flowery Songkran ceremony at Nong Nooch Village, near Sattahip, attracted many eager locals and tourists, as usual. This year, Nong Nooch, which has remained in optimistic operation, despite the political crises which have beset the country recently, paid no heed to the politics, preferring to focus on enjoyment instead; a policy which definitely found favour among its many visitors, who seem only too willing to forget recent events in Pattaya and Bangkok.

Mr. Kumpol Tansatja , the director, said Songkran is one of the most favourite festivals in Thailand, which unites visitors and local Thais, alike. And the elephants are the stars of the ceremony. It's a show with a difference. The 60-minute performances features dances of the four regions, a wedding ceremony and wedding procession, traditional musical performances, Thai boxing (Muay Thai), and last, but not least, the elephants in battle and elephants show.

The lively and beautiful performances are proudly produced and directed by Miss Nongluck Thephasdin Na Ayudhaya.

Cultural Performances

1. The Four Regions’ Dance
2. Thai boxing
3. Fights with long-sticks against short-sticks
4. Tep-narue-mit Dance
5. Drum Festivities
6. E-Sarn Dance Medley
7. Elephant in Battle

Amazing Elephant Show

1. Elephants’ March
2. Elephants throwing darts
3. Elephant riding tricycles
4. Elephants painting
5. An elephant carrying people
6. Elephants playing football
7. Elephants playing basket ball
8. Elephant gymnastics
9. Elephants bowing
10. Elephants walking over people
11. Elephants giving massage
12. Elephants disco dancing

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