15th annual Laguna Phuket Turtle Release Fair

Were here at Laguna for the sea turtles release ceremony;

The Sea Turtle Release Ceremony on the 3rd April was held at Sheraton Grande Laguna beachfront hosted by Laguna Phuket with appearances by Wichai Praisangob - Phuket Governor, Michael Ayling - Managing Director of Laguna Phuket, Penprapa Yongtrakul - Miss Thailand 2008, along with support from the Phuket Marine Biological Centre and Third Naval Area Command, Royal Thai Navy.

This annual Sea Turtle Conservation Program aims to raise funds and awareness for sea turtles and plans to release juvenile turtles into the Indian Ocean, hoping for increasing numbers of sea turtles in the future.

Booths and fun games were set up for visitors and parents with children including a Bead Bracelet Making booth. Kids were enjoying playing games and recreation staff from Laguna Phuket also helped supervise them.

Since 1994, more than 1 million Thai Baht has been raised and donated to research programs about turtles. This year the fund raising was based on new types such as a Silent Auction booth for release of 52 turtles starting from 3000 baht, and Raffle Ticket Sales booth for a chance to release one of 15 turtles at 200 baht per ticket, plus an Open Auction for sea turtles release starting from 10,000 baht. Also this year the actual releases were performed later in the evening when it was calmer and safer for all concerned.

Miss Thailand 2008, Penprapa Yongtrakul, also expressed her contentment towards organizers and people who attended the Sea Turtle Release Ceremony. She also had a friendly chat with Andaman News about what she thinks of Phuket and how grateful she feels:

It is such an honor for me to perform such a duty. I am very excited about releasing the sea turtles because I had never done it before. And I do wish to pass my concern on to Phuket residents and visitors to help conserve and protect them and also with a balance maintained of Phukets natural environment.

This turtle release event attracted many locals, tourists and hotel residents. It was also a great opportunity to build awareness and also provide knowledge to small kids to learn about sea animals from the ocean and how delicate they can be. Kids were really enjoying themselves and many participated in a sand sculpture competition.

The winner, called The Sea Turtle of Andaman Sea claimed their award presented by Miss Thailand 2008 with a beautiful smile from her face.

Dont forget you can always get more info on how to help sea turtles and sea animals in case they need rescuing at Phuket Marine Biological Centre สถาบันวิจัยและพั นาทรัพยากรทรัพยา รทางทะเล ชายฝั่งทะเล และป่าชายเลน or get more info on the festival from Laguna Phuket Resorts and Hotels, Thailand – luxury resort destination of six deluxe hotels This is Zenniesha, reporting for Andaman News.