Laanta old town festival in Krabi

The procession presenting multi-backgrounds, cultures and beliefs of Buddhist, Muslim, & Thai-Chinese descendants and the sea gypsy people, who have all been living in harmony and unity on Lanta Island of Krabi, went along the Sri Raya road for residents and visitors to appreciate.

This area houses an old community of over 100 years on Lanta Yai Island.

The cultural parade was arranged under the theme going back in time, tracing the trade in the Andaman Sea the era when junk boats were used for goods transport.

It clearly told the Lanta Islands history of being a port and shelter for boat operators in the old days. And thats the charm of the annual cultural festival in Lanta Island in the southern province of Krabi under the name Laanta Lanta.

The Krabi Governor Siwa Sirisaowalak stressed that it not only promotes local historical and cultural values, but he also wishes to send out messages that the island is a perfect location for eco-tourism, health and wellness.

During the festival a local folk culture show, depicting the historical value of Lanta over the century, was presented beautifully.

These include local lifestyles, and Muslim boys circumcising ceremony which are quite rare to see. A wedding ceremony of the sea gypsy tribe of U Lak Lawoi who reside at the old community of Sangka - U community gained enormous interest.

Local Folk dance and songs like Ronghaeng and ancient dances plus local food also impressed visitors like us.

The Lanta district chief officer Pirom Me-rung-ruang stressed the charm and highlights saying that each year the organizer focuses on the tracing back in time of traditional life style value, which are in harmony of residents.

The Laanta Lanta festival is held every year in March to boost local culture value to young people and residents as well as promote tourism.

Lanta Island is situated in the Andaman Sea of Southern Thailand.

It is a district under Krabi province. Apart from local cultural charm, the island has stunning scenery, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and marine life.

The island can be accessed by car as you can take car ferries from the main land to Lanta Noi and then another short ferry trip to Lanta Yai.

Accommodation prices vary accordingly.