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    Moon Festival In Phuket

    Moon Festival In Phuket

    Tonight was the Chinese Moon Festival night.
    It falls on the 15th of the eighth lunar month.
    It is said that the moon tonight is the brightest & roundest of the year.
    The Moon Festival has been observed by Chinese from generation to generation. Its meant to pay respect to ancestors who uprising against the Mongols.
    The Festival is one of the most important traditional events after Chinese New Year.
    The festival is also an occasion for family reunions.
    The Office of Phuket City has been arranging their Moon Festival for many years for Phuket people to maintain & practice tradition.
    Navamind Ground is used as a festival venue.
    Tonight the moon is so pretty.
    Its a good chance to gather, have moon cake & sip the tea, and enjoy the performance together.
    When it comes to the auspicious time, everyone performs in the ceremony. Auspicious offerings are put on an altar.
    A must offering is Moon Cake. Its called YehPing. Yeh means moon. Ping means cake.
    After the worship, participants share moon cake to eat as it represents good fortune, good wishes and unity.
    It reflects human hope in life.
    Even though today the Moon Festival may have been played down due to modern world changes, the Office of Phuket City puts in efforts to revitalize the tradition. It merely hopes the Moon Festival can be a tradition of unity of people in society.

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    Great time of the year. I had a ball in China over the weekend. Also called the Mid Autumn Festival.

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