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    Fireworks Contest at Muang Thong Thani

    Police brace for heavy traffic as thousands will go see International Fireworks Contest at Muang Thong Thani tonight

    Pak Kred Police prepare to accommodate heavy traffic in Nonthaburi's Muang Thong Thani area, as an International Fireworks Contest will start this evening from 5pm to 9.30pm at Impact Lakeside.

    The exhibition of breathtaking fireworks, held by Ministry of Defence, the Royal Thai Army and the Royal Thai Police in Honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 80th Birthday Anniversary, will also be held on Sunday from 5pm to 9.30pm.
    Pak Kred Traffic Police Inspector, Colonel Suksan Songprasert, said that it was expected that 100,000 people would go see the glittery fireworks presented by Australia, China and Italy. He advised people to use public transport services and said that the traffic police would accommodate traffic flows the best they could. He said people will be prohibited from parking their cars on the side of the road to watch the fireworks or their cars will be towed and they face the maximum fine.
    Meanwhile the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) will also provide free transport services for people to go watch the fireworks from the Victory Monument, Jatujak Market and Phra Sri Mahathat Temple in Bangkhen, starting from 3pm onwards.

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    Yup the traffic sucked......................

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