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    Diwali in Thailand?

    Tis the season for Diwali!

    Am curious if those of you living in larger towns/cities see any Diwali decorations/celebrations.

    Would appreciate "sincere" replies; have been compiling an on-going catalog about how Diwali is celebrated in different countries.

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    Quite a few of the apartment blocks on Sukhumvit are Indian owned and have a reasonable number of Indian tenants. I often see posters about advertising their Diwali parties at this time of year.

    I 'celebrated' Diwali in Shimla one year by constantly having fire-crackers thrown at my feet by the little urchins in the town. That was nearly fun.

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    when I was working in KL the office block had a "Diwali fire clause" in their insurance poilcy as they used to have hundreds of lamps burning in the foyer during the time which naturally increased the fire risk - additional premium was about 5%!!

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