Horseshoe Point joined with the Polo Club to open the Thailand Horse Festival, for the first time in Thailand, on 8-9 December 2007, under the concept of HORSE+HUMAN=HARMONY. The festival will include many fun fairs and activities. Audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy The Passionata Horse Show from Portugal, with world dancers.

On 11 October 2007, at 11:30 AM, at Horseshoe Point, Pattaya, Chaikiri Sri-fuengfung, Chairman of Horseshoe Point, Khun Nanthini Tanner, founder of the Thai Polo club, Khun Chanya (Cherry) Sri-fuengfung, International Horse School director and Khun Jant Sophitphongsatorn, Horseshoe Point Manager joined to issue a press release about the Thailand Horse Festival which will take place in the same time period as the twenty-fourth Sea Games.

Horseshoe Point and the Thai Polo Club have been given the honor, by the Horse Riding Club, of organizing the Horseback Riding for the twenty-fourth Sea Games on 7-15 December. The Dressage and Show Jumping Events will be at Horseshoe Point. Other evens will be at the Thai Polo Club at the new Cross Country Grounds. Those in attendance will get to enjoy the games and the Sun Fun on the Green Fair. On the weekend of 8-9 December, Horseshoe Point will provide informative activities about horses to all interested people and their families.

Khun Chaikiri, the founder of Horseshoe Point, said that he wants to make Horseshoe Point the center of horse games and was honored to be an organizer for the twenty-fourth Sea Games. He is confident that he can provide all the necessary facilities for sportsmen, organizers, mass media and the audience.

Pattaya Daily News