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    Bangkok to join Car Free Day campaign

    Bangkok to join Car Free Day campaign

    Over 1,000 cyclists were expected to join festivities organised by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) as part of a campaign to mark Car Free Day, according to Bangkok deputy governor Panich Wikitset.

    Mr. Panich said that on Saturday from 6am until 6pm, the BMA would sponsor Bangkok Car Free Day 2007 at Supachalasai National Stadium and at the "Lan Khon Mueang" or public plaza in front of the Bangkok City Hall, to encourage people to save energy and reduce air pollution.

    Some 1,221 cyclists were registered to ride together in a pattern of the map of Thailand, he said, adding that the parade of bicycles would start from Supachalasai National Stadium and continue to Bangkok City Hall.

    "At Lan Khon Muang, an exhibition on the global warming crisis will be held and booths offering specially priced bicycle equipment will also be set up there," he said.

    The parade of cyclists will then ride back to the National Stadium where an exhibition on different kinds of bicycles is to be displayed.

    "Folding bikes, mountain bikes and antique or classic bikes will also be shown," he said.

    According to Mr. Panich, bike riding is gaining popularity and more bicycle lanes have been set up, particularly in outer Bangkok.

    He said that the BMA planned to improve more roads to facilitate the increasing number of cyclists. (TNA)

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    A good thought, and good action, but it's easy for people to do for only 1 day.

    Then it's back to normal (and cars) for the other 363 days.

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    they should do alternative license plate numbers for every day traffic like they do in some civilized country

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    Car free day kicks off in Bangkok

    Car free day kicks off in Bangkok

    ( - Bangkok kicked off Bangkok Car Free Day 2007 on Saturday morning with the hope to raise public awareness in global warming and energy consumption.

    Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have organised the campaign, with cooperation from Metropolitan Police, Green Peace, Pollution Control Department, Thailand Environment Institute and a few cycling associations.

    Some 1,221 riders biked from Sanam Supachalasai to the BMA at 6am to campaign for public to stop using cars for a day to reduce carbon dioxide in the capital.

    Bangkok governor Apirak Kosayodhin said the BMA hopes to reduce carbon dioxide in the capital 15% in the next five years.

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    1,221 bikers join Bangkok Car Free Day 2007

    1,221 bikers join Bangkok Car Free Day 2007

    A total of 1,221 bikers made a ride to mark the Bangkok Car Free Day 2007 Saturday.

    The bikers joined Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayothin to ride from the National Stadium past Rama I Road, Rama IV Road, Yaowaraj Road, Rajchadamnoen Klang Road to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration head office.

    The Nation

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    I saw a bunch of people in Ayutthaya were cycling around the city this morning. Not sure if it concerns with this matter or not.

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    Slowing down global warming

    Slowing down global warming

    Cyclists arrange themselves into the shape of Thailand while observing Bangkok Car-Free Day 2007 at the Supachalasai National Stadium yesterday. The participants later cycled to City Hall in an effort to raise public awareness about global warming and the need to use less energy.

    Bangkok Post

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    over in jakarta - the idea wasnt received so roseily...

    ‘No Car Day’
    a no clue day as
    plans fall apart

    Adianto P. Simamora
    The Jakarta Post/Jakarta
    An attempt to turn the
    city’s main thoroughfares
    of Jl Jend.
    Sudirman and Jl MH Thamrin
    into a car-free zone degenerated
    into a farce Saturday, with
    poor coordination resulting in
    traffic jams and many cars
    entering the closed-off streets.
    The City Environmental
    Management Board (BPLHD),
    the organizer of No Car Day,
    blamed poor communication
    between police and the Jakarta
    transportation agency for
    the day’s failure, and said it
    was reconsidering plans to
    hold a similar day in October.
    “Private cars are still using
    the slow lanes of the closedoff
    roads. It’s out of our control,”
    BPLHD head Budirama
    Natakusumah said.
    The planned No Car Day
    was to see only public transport,
    bicycles and pedestrians
    allowed on the main roads
    from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    While the event was aimed
    at reducing the influx of cars
    into the city, motorists simply
    took alternative roads, leading
    to congestion across the city.
    Governor Sutiyoso and
    Deputy Governor Fauzi Bowo
    launched the event in the
    morning, arriving — without
    a hint of irony — in their
    official cars at the Hotel
    Indonesia traffic circle.
    In his speech, Sutiyoso said
    the increasing use of private
    cars worsened air quality in
    the capital.
    “Air quality in Jakarta has
    been declining year by year
    due to a massive rise (in the
    use of) private vehicles, which
    have reached five million
    units with annual growth of
    11 percent a year,”he said.
    “I appreciate those who
    have left their cars at home
    and used public transport
    during this No Car Day.”
    Between 2001 and 2005,
    Jakarta experienced an average
    of less than 11 clean air
    days a year. In 2006, there were
    45 clean air days, while there
    have been 54 so far this year.
    The Bike To Work community,
    a group that aims to
    encourage the use of bicycles,
    awarded Sutiyoso a bicycle at
    the event.“I will cycle out of
    City Hall after finishing my
    term (as governor) on Oct. 7,”
    Sutiyoso said.
    Sutiyoso also received an
    Indonesian Records Museum
    (MURI) award for the mass
    emissions testing of private
    cars passing through the area.
    But as with everything else
    at Saturday’s event, the tests
    failed to match expectations.
    Only 354 private cars were
    tested throughout the day,
    far lower than the target of
    1,000 cars.
    Last year, Sutiyoso won the
    Asian Air Quality Champion
    award for his role in cleaning
    up the city’s air as well as
    other awards from local nonprofit
    groups for his administration’s
    ban on smoking in
    public places.
    All the policies are in line
    with the administration’s 2005
    air pollution control bylaw.
    The bylaw also stipulates
    that each of Jakarta’s five
    municipalities hold its own
    No Car Day once a month,
    which the administration says
    will be put into effect following
    Idul Fitri.
    Sutiyoso said he has ordered
    his staff to assess if the carfree
    day had negatively affected
    business in the capital.
    A police officer managing
    traffic at the Hotel Indonesia
    traffic circle was skeptical of
    the day’s efforts, saying closing
    off the two street would
    cause gridlock and worsen air
    pollution.“It is impossible to
    totally close the streets,”the
    officer said.
    Environmental campaigners
    complained that poor preparation
    and a lack of coordination
    had hampered the implementation
    of No Car Day.
    “It’s still a half-hearted
    effort to clean the city’s air,”
    Joint Committee for Leaded
    Gasoline Phase-Out chairman
    Ahmad Safrudin said.
    ‘No Car Day’
    a no clue day as

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    “Bangkok Car Free Day” campaign launched
    Weeranuwat Saengsawang

    BANGKOK, 26 September 2010 (NNT) - The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has officially launched the "Bangkok Car Free Day 2010" campaign to persuade commuters to ride bicycles instead of driving.

    Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra this morning presided over the opening of the“Bangkok Car Free Day” campaign at the Bangkok City Hall. More than 1,000 participants reportedly joined the event.

    The event is aimed at promoting the use of bicycles instead of cars in order to save energy and tackle global warming.

    Initially, the event was slated to take place on 19 September, but has been postponed until today, as the date coincided with the day the anti-government rally planned to rally marking the 4th anniversary of the 2006 military coup.

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    The air quality in Bangkok, according to The Pollution Control Department as of this weekend, is still registering as 'Unhealthy'.

    As a cyclist myself, i would be concerned about gulping down lots of carbon dioxide/monoxide in a city abound with motorised vehicles despite the good intentions.

    I'm unsure what other initiatives are being contemplated by those in pollution management, in order to improve air quality in the capital and other major cities for that matter but readings would have to improve dramatically before i would consider residing in such an environment.
    Many of those people who work and live in Bangkok, i suspect don't have that choice and also may be unaware of the dangers of air pollution in the medium/long term.

    Are the government doing enough?

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    Riding a bicycle anywhere in Thailand is dangerous. Almost had my right leg torn off the other day by a pack of soi dogs while biking thru my Moo Ban...

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