Pattaya City held a meeting with Section Chiefs to discuss solutions to problems regarding administration, regulations and the environment. At the meeting, there was a consensus to announce that the next concert on Koh Larn (Coral Island) will be the last in order to preserve environment. The organizer of “Kohlarn music on the beach” told Pattaya Daily News that they have emphasized on the environment as the first priority.

On the 14 August 2007, at 9 AM, at Pattaya city, Mr. Niran Watanasartsathorn, Mayor of Pattaya, chaired a meeting of the Deputy of Pattaya city and section chiefs to discuss a path to develop and solve problems about administration, regulations and the environment.

At the meeting, Mr. Niran stated that Koh Larn (Coral Island) is one of Pattaya’s most valuable tourist attractions. It has attractive beaches and lush scenery which attracts Thais and foreign tourists. Many people come to visit the island each year.

Discussing the concert, which will be on Hard Tien Beach, on Koh Larn, on 18 August, the Mayor said there will be lots of music lovers, both Thais and foreigners, coming to the event. He expressed his concern that such an event promotes tourism in Pattaya, but will also be harmful to the balance of nature and the environment of Koh Larn, which must be preserved. The participants at the meeting reached the consensus that the concert on Koh Larn on 18 August will be the last one.

Any activities on Koh Larn should be formulated to preserve the environment such as: cleaning up trash at the bottom sea and at the shorelines or developing forestry around the Island. These kinds of projects would be permitted to preserve and help the environment, Mr. Niran said.

Further Report about “Kolarn music on the beach”, the Music Organizer told Pattaya Daily News that they have always been concerned about the environment as the first priority. The structures of the music stage were ready made and to be assembled on Koh Larn. There will be no touch to the natural environment.

The organizer team will provide more garbage bins all around the area for easy and tidy care. Also each food stall has been carefully selected in order to reduce food container and food residue.

In addition, this music event is also a promotion for Koh Larn which is a well known tourist attraction of Pattaya city. The interesting activities will give the confidence to all investors to come to the Island. Besides, part of the income will be donated to the temples and schools around Koh Larn as well.

Pattaya Daily News