Celebrating the traditional Sueb Chata

Linda Ratchai
The Prolong forest-Maekuang-Maelao Rivers’ Life ceremony this year was held at Doi Nang Kaew, Ban Pang-An Tambon Pamiang in Doi Saket district on the 3rd June with many citizens, provincial organizations, schools and universities joining the ceremony.

Mr. Prommin Puangmala, president of Protect Meakuang forest network said that the organizations was formed from the 55 communities of 6 Tambons which are Saded Thep, Pamiang, Luang Nue, Chaeng Doi, Maepong, Doi Saket and Hueykaew to protect and develop communities and the natural resources in Maekuang area, an idea that first came from His Majesty the King.
To mark His Majesty the King’s 80th birthday this year the network held the Prolong forest and Maekuang-Maelao Rivers’ Life ceremony to bring awareness on ways to protect the forests and the environment.

The many activities throughout the day included HM the King’s worship ceremony, exhibitions, local music performances, painting and essay competition for the children among other events.
The prolong life ceremony is called “Sueb Chata” in Thai. There are three kinds of “Sueb Chata” ceremonies; “Sueb Chata Kon” to lengthen man’s life, “Sueb Chata Ban” to lengthen the village’s life and “Sueb Chata Muang” to lengthen the country’s life.

Chiang Mai Mail