Residents celebrate Inthakin festival
Linda Ratchai
The Inthakin festival also known as the festival of the City Pillar at Wat Chedi Luang temple was held this year from the 13th of May and ended on the 20th.

Crowds of people came to make merit which is called “Tam Boon Khan Dok” by offering flowers, candle and joss stick on the bowls in the forecourts of the temple to invoke blessings of peace, happiness and prosperity for Chiang Mai and its residents.
The City Pillar was erected in the year 1839 B.E or 1296 C.E during the reign of King Mengrai, the first King of Lanna Kingdom when he established the monarch city “Nopburee Sri Nakorn Ping Chiang Mai” or Chiang Mai at present.
The City Pillar was first located in the Wat Sadue Muang temple (Temple of City’s Navel) or Wat Intakhin temple near the Three Kings Monument. Years later when King Kawila governed Chiang Mai that temple fell into disrepair for over 100 years. The Inthakin Pillar was then moved to Wat Chedi Luang temple in 2343 B.E. or 1800 C.E.
The people of Chiang Mai believe that the City Pillar contains the souls of former townspeople and it is considered one of Chiang Mai’s sacred sites. It is now housed in its own special shrine called Viharn Jaturamook. The Pillar can only be seen during the festival dates and women are not permitted to enter the shrine but can view it through the entrance portals while men may enter and pray.

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