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Saturday 19th May 2007
Apagorn Day celebrated on the Pratamnuk Mountain.
Prince Chumporn Ket Udomsak was born on December 19th 1880 and is known as the Father of the Royal Thai Navy. He passed away on 19th May 1923 after contracting the flu virus and a fever. On September 16th 1901, he became the Deputy Commander of the Navy Department and he restructured the Navy Department in 1903 and it was this crucial restructuring that led to him receiving the title of Father of the Royal Thai Navy. Every year his passing is remembered at a special ceremony conducted in front of his statue located on the Pratamnuk Mountain by members of the Royal Thai Navy. This ceremony was led by Captain Chirapat, the Deputy Commander of Navy Communications at the Sattahip Navy Base and begun with offerings to nine Buddhist Monks followed by 30,000 fire crackers which were let-off in remembrance of this influential Prince.