Massage and Cooking Training

Deputy Mayor Wutthisak Ruemkitjakarn opened the “Massage and Cooking” training for residents at Pattaya School No. 8 in the early morning of Tuesday 8th May.

The purpose of this professional training course is to hopefully give poor residents an additional income to help their families by having knowledge about another option of career like cooking and massage.

City Hall had organized courses like this for two years, with many residents showing interest by joining in.

The two courses: The foot massage programme with 50 people attending over a 60 hours period. The other 30 hour cooking course creating traditional Thai dishes and confectionary with 30 people attending.

This 5 day training lasts from 8th until 12th May. After training is over, there will be a short test for each participant so that City Hall can issue a certificate to guarantee their knowledge to use for work purposes in the future.

Pattaya People