Rice Harvest Celebration

Banglamung District Chief Mr. Prateep Jongsuebtham, opened Pattaya’s Kong Khao (rice harvest) celebration, at Wat Suthawart Temple, on 18th April.

Kong Khao or Rice Piling Ceremony is an old tradition observed by the people of Chonburi to offer spirits who protect them throughout the year, and the ceremony is held every year on the 18th April. This year the ceremony was held in Wat Suthawart Temple. The activities performed in this ceremony consist of a parade by elderly people and officials from several government agencies dressed in traditional Thai costumes. This is a rite of paying respect to the spirits of deceased ancestors. There was a performance of the Kong Khao or rice piling ceremony, folk entertainment, and a demonstration of preparing local desserts and food.
It was an interesting celebration for tourists and children to view.

Pattaya People