A very colorful celebration begins this week

Poi Sang Long Festival
The yearly and colorful Poi Sang Long festival in Chiang Mai and surrounding provinces begins this week. The festival marks the time when Burmese-Thai, Thai Yai and Shan State residents gather for a three-day ordination party for their young boys.
Before becoming novice monks, the boys have their heads shaved by family members then are dressed to resemble princes of the past with intricate headdresses and bright silk clothes. During the three days of festivities it is said that the boys cannot touch the ground with their feet, so the future novices spend most of their time on the shoulders of relatives and friends.
The largest and most colorful festivities occur in Mae Hong Song but if you don’t want to travel that far below is a list of places and dates scheduled to hold Poi Sang Long.
Chiang Mai at Wat Papao, April 4-6; Mae Tang district, 1-5 April, Wat Tiyasatharn Wiang Haeng district, 31 March – 2 April, Wat Konglom; 21-25 April, Wat Piang Luang
Fang district, 31 March – 2 April, Wat Photong, Ban Larn; 1-3 April Wat Angkhang, Doi Angkhang Royal Project; 4-6 April Wat Doikaset, Pangkhwai; 7-9 April Wat Pangkhwai; 20-23 April; Wat Wiangwai. Mae Ai District, 30 March – 1 April, Wat Pateung, Tambon Santonmeu. Mae Hong Son Province, Muang district 31 March – 2 April; Wat Huawiang
Khun Yuam district, 31 March – 2 April, Wat Tawphae, Tambon Mae Ngao 7-9 April, Wat Mueydaw, Tambon Khun Yuam 8-10 April; Wat Muangpawn, Tambon Muangpawn
Chiang Rai province, Mae Fa Luang district 5-7 April, Wat Phrathat Kakham, Tambon Therdthai 8-10 April, Wat Chethamanee, Tambon Mae Fa Luang. Maesai district, 10-12 April, Wat Wiang Phangkham.

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