King Mengrai Festival in Chiang Rai is held from January 26 - February 1 every year. The festival features parades, cultural performances and competitions celebrating the founder of Chiang Rai, and the Lanna Thai Kingkom.

King Mengrai was a strong independent and absolute ruler for many years, but his realm was just the size of what would be considered a mere principality in European history.

In 1287 when the Kublai Khan attacked the Burmese province of Pagan, King Mengrai feared that his realm would also be threatened and formed an alliance with Sukhothai, which was then Siam's capital.

The King Mengrai Stupa is in front of Wat Ngam Muang and was built by King Chaisongkram to contain the remains of his father (King Mengrai). A related monument is the King Mengrai Great Memorial, located at the intersection leading to Mae Chan. It is a popular place for locals, who put flowers and other offerings at the base of the huge statue. The Ku Phra Chao Mengrai Stupa is situated in Wat Ngam Muang on Doi Ngam Muang; it is the place where the ashes and relics of King Mengrai are housed.