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    Countdown 2011 to Electronic Music & Dance on the Beach in Phuket

    The Phuket Electronic Music & Dance Festival will be held on Karon Beach,
    Phuket on New Year's Eve.

    There will be top acts, hot DJs, and fellow fans from 7 pm on into 2012.
    Join the competition for the newest, most distinctive artist in the IP DJ
    Hunt 2011 for cash and prizes: 20,000 baht, 10,000 Baht and 5,000 Baht for
    the top 3 winners, with prizes from Pioneer DJ.

    Stay tuned to the latest developments on the Facebook Page.

    The Goal of Phuket Electronic Music and Dance Festival 2011 and Creative IP
    DJ Hunt 2011 Southern Region is to promote electronic music in Thailand,
    encourage talented young Thai electronic artists and modernize the
    electronic music industry in Thailand. Winners of IP DJ hunt contest will
    win 20,000 baht, 10,000 Baht and 5,000 Baht for top 3 winners with prizes
    from Pioneer DJ.

    The 2 day festival will showcase an exciting line up of more than 30 DJs
    from both Thailand and International. Top Thai DJs are J Monton and Dom
    Parkorn Lam, Mark Brain, Slick and Domination, winner of the Best Video DJ
    of the World contest in Dubai 2011.

    This is also the first time, that more than 10 top clubs in Phuket
    participate in the festival.

    The Creative IP DJ Hunt will take place on Karon Beach starting 1500 hours
    on the 30th of December with Award and Opening ceremony at around 2200
    hours. Join the New Year 2012 Countdown ceremony on Karon Beach starting
    2330 hours.

    Fashion TV, the world's number One fashion and life style channel, also a
    co-organizer of the event will feature this exciting event through the
    channel to its audience around the world.

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    Roasting a Hedgehog
    Sounds dreadful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerbil
    Sounds dreadful.
    I agree. It does.

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    Not where I want to be
    TPEM&DF.... even that would stuggle to fit on the comemerative T shirt.

    And all Pattaya is offering to date is the Annual New Years Eve Head Banging and Muff Diving Competition in Soi 6 (ANYEHB&MDC) ...
    More Russians about so plently of XXXL T shirts to sell !!

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    Phukets really turning on the charm. Velcum tursts!

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