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    Ang Sila near Chonburi

    Ang Sila is about 5km from Chonburi and aint really a seaside resort,it is more of a fishing village, well it has sea but no beaches, basically Ang Sila is a couple of kilometers of food and junk places, ie, stoneware and stuff, still quite nice to goto for the food though, during the week most of the places are closed but a fewer of the bigger ones are open, yep you wont starve to death here.

    Anyway this is the mongkonfarm restaurant or something like that, there are hundreds of seafood restaurants there so the odds are you will go to a differant one, they are all quite nice in a shack sort of way, 160baht for my yam krung, or spicey Prawn Salad, although that wernt on the menu, no idea why, but that included a proper beer, ie heineken.

    The beach.

    nice view though of Khaow Sam Muk

    Ang sila stone mortars and pestles.

    Up the road a bit is a nice estuary for the fishing boats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydog View Post
    The beach.

    I think a sunlounger is doable, long-ways.

    Hell, those Thais could have got a whole row of parasols along there are 20 Baht a pop.

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    my missus loves eating at an expensive resteraunt there....

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