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    Koh Kradan, Koh Ngai, Koh Mook (Tham Morakot-Emerald Cave)

    Wondering if anyone has been to Koh Kradan (Trang Province) recently? We were there pre-Tsunami, so I can't speak to how things are now (re-built, unscathed, etc).

    Saw posts for other places farther up the coast and a lot of complaints about too many people and too expensive. Obviously it's been a number of years, but when we were there (two separate times), the place was beautiful and all but uninhabited.

    If you're looking for niteclubs and bars, don't go, there aren't any. If you're looking for beaches all to yourself and great snorkling and don't mind poor water pressure in the showers and intermittent electricity, look it up.

    A step up (at least 6 or 7 years ago) was the resort on Koh Ngai. Similar island to Kradan. Clean, isolated beaches, surrounded by reef.

    Both are a easy long-tail boat ride from Koh Mook (Muk?) and Tham Morakot (the Emerald Cave). It's really a pitch black cave, but that opens up into a small beach completely enclosed in 40 or 50 ft (10-15 m) sheer rock walls.

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    Last time I was at the Emerald Cave was maybe two or three years ago. I was never there pre-tsunami so I couldn't tell you if it had changed since that time. However, like most of Koh Mook, I couldn't see that the tsunami had caused any damage. I know that it actually did affect Mook, but it had been re-built/repaired before I got there.

    As for Koh Kradan, I sadly never made it over there. From what I understood, there was some sort of resort there run by an American named Wally? Seemed he was up and running, at least during the high season, but I just never made it that far.

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