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    Koh Larn Na Ban Pier

    Your 20baht ferry from Pattaya is going to drop you off at Na Ban Pier, not really a lot here apart from loads of taxi touts, at the entrance to the pier is a 7/11 so you can stock up on snacks for your island adventure, they actually charge the same prices as they do in Pattaya, would have thought they charged more as it all has to be shipped in.

    Na Ban has several hotels and guesthouses including the Chusri Resort. (Koh Larn Accomodation)

    Koh Larn Main Page

    Some beaches on Koh Larn the ordinary taxies can't get to so you need to take a motorbike taxi, you can rent motorbikes for the day from 200 to 300 baht depending on newness of the bike, you can buy petrol in Na Ban but it is one of those hand pumps on top of a 45 gallon drum.

    The prices for motorbike taxies and sawng taews are all up on boards, also the drivers have printed out cards with the prices to each beach, the prices are per person so don't think you will get any deals if you try to get the whole family on one motorbike.

    Na Ban has a few places to drink at and also a restaurant that serves european food.

    3 big chang beers at 100baht was a great deal, was staggering a bit by the time I got onto the boat back to Pattaya though

    Small fishing boats by the Na Ban Pier.

    Houses over the sea.

    Western restaurant in Na Ban town for your ham burgers etc.

    Fridays cafe, restaurant and lounge bar, does Thai and European food.

    The smaller of the two islands off of Koh Larn.

    The ferry times from Koh Larn, Na Ban to Bali Hai, Pattaya;


    The ferry times from Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya to Na Ban, Koh Larn;

    2.00pm *not in service at the moment*

    Koh Larn Main Page
    Bali Hai Pier (Bali Hai Pier - Pattaya)
    Thonglang Beach (Koh Larn Thonglang Beach)
    Had Ta Yai Beach (Koh Larn Haad Ta Yai Beach)
    Ta Waen Beach (Koh Larn Ta Waen Beach)
    Tien Beach (Koh Larn Tien Beach)
    Samae Beach (Koh Larn Samae Beach)
    Nual Beach (Koh Larn - Nual Beach)
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