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    Koh Turatao and the Surrounding Area

    Has anyone been to Satun province lately? A buddy and I will be heading there for about two weeks in early March. We will be focusing on forest trekking, snorkeling, and of course, “bird” watching. I’m particullary looking for answers to the following questions:

    1) Is Thale Ban NP worth a trip? Did you see plenty of wildlife? Was Yaroy waterfall good for a nice hike and dip in the water? What was Tahm Tondin cave like? If anyone has been to both Thale Ban NP and Bako NP in Borneo, how do they compare?

    2) Compared to Koh Turatao and Koh Adang, is Koh Lipe worth a trip? Is it over developed? Is there anything there that is unique and justifies a day or two?

    3) Has anyone been snorkeling off of White Rock on Koh Bulon Lae? The Rough Guide says it has, “beautifully coloured soft coral and equally dazzling fish.” Wondering if this is true.

    4) When do the last boats leave Pak Bara for Koh Turatao?

    5) Do you have any recommendations for accommodation on Koh Adang, Koh Lipe and in Pak Bara? We are looking for anything that is worth the price. We’re not too picky. No hot water, shared bath, no mossie nests, and a cockroach here or there, is cool if it’s only 200 baht. But hot water, a/c, toilets, and a great balcony for 1,000 baht is cool too.

    6) Can anyone recommend a transport service from Had Yai to Pak Bara? How long did the journey take? How much did it cost?

    Any helpful info will be greatly appreciated.

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    Great specific list of questions which deserve emlightened answers...

    I'm hoping someone will be able to help you...and the rest of us on the way...

    if not, perhaps you'd be kind enough to provide some sort of report - with piccies - after your trip...

    hope you guys have a good one...

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