Maptaphut Beaches Sai Thong and there is another one called Ta Krom Beach which i couldn't find, I think the local council must have just had a few left over signs and decided to have a laugh with the tourists, anyway I did find Sai Thong Beach, for some reason nobody goes there though, now this place is about 50kms from pattaya and the reason people don't go there is due to Mataphut being a massive industrial estate, as you can see in this next picture sai Thong beach is overlooked by a lovely picturesque oil refinery.

They have 2 empty restaurants there and a resort which looked empty called Sai Thong resort, here is a picture of an empty restaurant and i was starving at the time.

There was also this resort type place which is aimed at the Thai market as there were no signs in English, quite quaint those bungalows aint they.

I should imagine they are quite cheap.