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    His Royal Highness Prince Chula Chakrabongse

    A few years ago when I was back in the UK there was a bit of a gathering of the clan and my wife and I ended up chatting to my sister in laws father, a bloke named Len.
    Len is a Cornishman bought up on the land and he's the salt of the earth but when he started telling us that he was a close friend of Prince Chunlachakkraphong I had my doubts.

    I was wrong and it's all true.

    Len was responsible for the maintenance of Tredethy in the course of which he and the Prince became very close. It then turns out that my sister in law, Linda, played for many years as a child with the Princes' daughter. They've since lost touch.

    Funny old world innit.

    Here's a link for anyone interested in Thai history.
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