About 200 traditional fishing boats and 40 elephants from Buri Ram’s Satuk district will take part in a historic procession down the Mun River on November 26 and 27 to pay respects to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The ceremony will also be marked by thousands of lights and candles held up by an estimated 20,000 mourners on both sides of the river.

Rangsikorn Thimatrikka, deputy executive chief of the Buri Ram Provincial Organisation, said a traditional boat race would also be held in place of the annual King’s Cup race.

“This procession is being held to pay homage to the late King and also to express our gratitude for his royal grace,” Rangsikorn said.

He added that entertainment activities had been suspended.

Historic boat, elephant procession planned in Buri Ram tribute to King