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    Palace Far from Worries

    A Country in Mourning - the Images

    I realise that a lot of members here are reporting not much is being evidenced (particularly and apparently, up Isaan way) as the mourning period for the Kings passing ... but a lot also goes unreported in the Western Media ... but it's happening.

    I have no idea how they organised this (given that organising Thai's is sometimes akin to herding cats) ... Thai's wearing Black and White clothing.

    ชาวศรีสะเกษรวมใจแปรอักษรแสดงความอาลัยร.9 .... อ่านต่อได้ที่

    On the website, it is, of course, in BnW

    Symbol is Thai for #9 ... i.e. (King) Rama 9

    Reflected around the country.

    In Chaiyaphum ...
    ประชาชนชัยภูมิแสดงความอาลัยแปรอักษรเลขเก้าไทย .... อ่านต่อได้ที่

    Feel free to add any significant images.
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