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    Farm for sale 17 rai of land

    15 km from Udon Thani ring road & well inside the new ring road to be started next year.
    Geographic coordinate: 17 3123.78 N 102 4250.17 E
    There are two houses. A brick farm house, a Thai style wooden house and a large stocked fish pond.
    This land has excellent fertile and drainage soil. In the past we have made money growing rice & eucalyptus trees. In recent years we have rented the land to commercial Sugarcane growers. A long term rubber plantation is also possible here.
    It has its own bore well with ample water supply.
    This land could be a worthwhile investment. In 2010, petroleum geologists and geophysicists who worked for a French oil exploration company did an aerial survey in our local area. They decided it was in there best interest to send a ground crew in to test whether there was petroleum underground. They did this by drilling holes and setting dynamite charges in them. After detonation they were able to collects seismic data. Later we were told they had found good evidence that there is petroleum underground. They were not able to tell us if and when they would come back to place producing wells in the area but they did tell us that at least they know it is there for future needs for petroleum.
    We do not reside at the farm anymore but we do live nearby. Please feel free to call us any-time and we can show you around and answer any questions you may have.
    Price 7,800,000 Baht. We can assist with some finance at a low rate if needed.
    Contact details.
    For English contact David: 087 859 7696
    For Thai contact Pimpa: 087 224 6178

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheelin View Post
    Later we were told they had found good evidence that there is petroleum underground.
    Is this the main reason for your high asking price?

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