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    Rental House For Sale - Korat

    We have a nice 3 bedroom home in Korat (Nakorn Ratchasima city), that we purchase and completely rebuild 7 years ago.

    This property has been rented to one company executive continuously for the past 6 years @ 12k/month.

    Since we have moved, we would like to try to sell it now as a rental property, if possible, so the renter can stay. His kids are in local school nearby.

    If anyone has interested in a property that can show a proven 7% return on investment, please contact me for further details and pictures.

    If not I will have to sell it and ask the tenant to move.

    You can call me at 081 877 9801

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    My Good Man, might there be some inticeing photos for one to get a idea of the possiblities!

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