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    If you're going in winter avoid Venice and the can be miserably wet and cold. Head south from Rome. Pompei, Taormina and the Monreale monastery above Palermo.
    See Billy Wilder's Avant! Avanti! for a good laugh and the flavour of Italy.

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    if you time it right you could fit in a Wigan Athletic home game

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    Agree with many above.
    Rome is a must, hotels in all price classes there.
    Venice should be experienced, can be fuckin' cold in winter time.
    Can stay at acceptable prices off season if you head for Lido or
    Murano or similar and commute by boat.
    Florence, yes, do visit.

    Have been to Bari and surroundings many times, enjoyable yes,
    but wouldn't recommend spending a one off vac. in Bari.

    I have a weak spot for the places in the very north, the lakes,
    the places close to the Alps. Very quiet, very nice scenery.
    Lots of history there.

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    Just been to rome a couple of months ago, its worth a visot, but i found it a little depressing, you can really see that the italians are struggling economically, also one of my group got hassled by gypsies trying to force her off the train as we tried to get on. Isolate her then nick her stuff i imagine. Watch out for that. But amaxing history there.

    Nz way better imo, doesnt matter where you go its breathtaking, start of in wellington and go to south island imo.

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    I love Venice. Take good walking shoes!!

    We had a map, got a bit lost in the backstreets and had coffee and cake with the real Venetians. No 12 quid coffee there. One family owned place even got the grappa out. The son had lived in Switzerland for years, making money to send home like a lot of Italians did in the sixties. His daughter actually lived very near us.

    But did have a glass of wine on St Marks Square - had to, because we were there!!

    The Lido is also nice, and quieter. Just be careful, even after two or three days in Venice. You may forget that cars ever existed!! Cross the roads sensibly.

    In fact, all of Italy is nice. And each region has its charms and food.

    Take a dictionary and a phrase book, as you would to any country.
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