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^ You are right. Typos do occur. BTW, pity you do not know more about Mr Lee. A much more honorable man than Abe ever was.
Awfully defensive about the typo, aren't you? Some people might actually be interested looking into the details of that particular Japanese spook. It's interesting to me that the Japanese are so broadly inclined to believe in specters and things that go bump in the night, given the country's reputation as the world's technological leader. Their tendency toward superstition is another way they are similar to the Thais.

I know all I need to know about the traitor Lee (a comparison of the traitor Jeff Davis to Lincoln would make more sense, by the way, in terms of their respective roles). Arlington Cemetery is a fitting memorial. The hypocrisy of you neo-Confederates never ceases to amaze; you pretend to be uber-patriots yet celebrate the cause of treason in defense of slavery, which nearly destroyed the country.

Some pretty good ghost stories around Civil War battlefields though, eh? I wouldn't blame the young men pointlessly sacrificed in Pickett's Charge for coming back as restless souls. I expect they haunted Lee for the rest of his days.

Got a real bad weird feeling standing on the USS Arizona memorial....had to get out..

My dad was standing at site of the Culloden battle and also had to leave .....scary stuff
Who knows hugh??